Ann Rothan Sacred Angel Art

Ann Rothan captures images from visual meditations on the ephemeral,etheric, celestial and cosmic world then translates them into water color paintings.


I create fresh, vibrant images that capture the essence of my subjects soul qualities formatted in watercolors. I have no idea what will come forth but I will guarantee that this unique process will surprise,delight and inspire.

My Work

Whether you're looking for a gift idea or sacred art for yourself. I would love to work with you. I am happy to invite you into my meditations and manifest the visions through the watercolor medium.

Feel free to look through my portfolio for a sample of my work. If you have any questions, please contact me.

This sample below gives an example of quality and style of Ann Rothan's work.
" After throwing color on a large piece of paper the painting dried, this figure appeared in the center, looking like it came from a Nebula explosion in space, putting me on my knees! Every time I started to paint on it, my hair stood on end...the energy was so huge! Soon, what seemed like Sacred Geometry appeared as symbols surrounding the figure. I am still in awe of this magnificent Being and the powerful energy that it brings."

THE EXTRAORDINARY GIFT Commisioned Paintings

$ 4000.00 USD

 Experience your soul traits manifested in a watercolor painting. Each is unique to the individual. There is a $2000.00 deposit and $2000.00 when finished. These paintings take up six months to complete. You must include persons full name and age.

Process Sample 1
This is a commissioned painting in process.

 It is a gifted for a young man age 14.
 We encourage you to stop by the site and see it when it's completed!
This is a commission piece still in process. It was gifted for a young man age 14.  Stop by the site and see it when it's completed!

Process Shot 2

 Final painting finished Nov 24, 2013

This commission was created for Columbus Ohio ballet company.This painting was one of a back drop series for a ballet troupe in the midwest. It seemed to be dancing with new life, new beginnings. Because it has always appealed to the feminine side of me, it was a natural progression to add the little girl and all her Spirit Beings. They are hidden throughout, waiting to be found like our future, not yet revealed, hidden from view.

As always, I am surprised by what comes to me when painting commissioned Sacred Art. The compassion and love pouring from the feminine form touched me deeply. Somehow I felt that we, as humanity, are being held tenderly to Her heart. The deepest sense was one of DIVINE MOTHER - taking our most sincere thoughts and prayers into the Omnipresent Light.
The Chalice


We are likened to an earthy chalice, Empty at birth and full at death. We get to choose what we pour into our cup of life. here is a truth: We can choose daily ...Joyful praises of Light and Love or through our words and actions, darkness and pain toward one another.

May each of us choose to fill our living chalice with harmlessness of speech and action, as BUDDHA one of the great teachers taught.



From ashes the Phoenix rises. Like pig-iron held in fire, steel emerges. Often we need to go through pain and suffering, burning off old concepts and past experiences so a new enlightened Light Being can be born.

Father, Mother God I humbly ask for strength and courage to fulfill my Divine Destiny.

The 5 principal angelic beings in feminine form evoke the 5 races of humanity. The feminine aspect is the teacher/healer for the children of the world. The lantern represents knowledge still be to sought. It is peaceful, yet powerful.


I approach my work with a unique perspective that takes into account your needs and your soul qualities. My style and technique are broad and flexible, developed over years of training and experience.


"wonderful life changing paintings" -- Grace, Oregon

"How is it possible she can see me and then paint me from the other side?." -- RHAVI, uNKNOWN

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